Update (August 5, 2013):
Working on a new design, new projects and perhaps a new job as well! Keep a look out everyone!

Update (May 5, 2011):
Added a projects page, specifically for DSCMS. Check it out!

Update (May 3, 2011):
Alright I’ve added in another new article, take a look at it, and I’ve got Google Adsense Advertising on here. So if you like the site, click on a few of them for me please!

Update (April 22, 2011):
Wow, the site is getting popular slowly, Im actually really surprised! Thank you all to who’s commented on my articles, I hope to hear more wonderful comments from you and Ill promise to put up more useful content as fast as I can! And ill soon be bringing you video blogs! Thats right, I shall be making videos to help you all out in relaying wonderful information that hopefully will be entertaining! Keep a look out for it all everyone!

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