Currently Im living in Indianapolis, Indiana working for Willow Marketing. There I am one of the Senior Web Developers, assisting in development of new plugins, implementations of new policies, handling servers, and much more.

I graduated high school back in 2001 with a degree in Advanced Technology with a minor in Japanese. While in school I did starting off from BASIC, to Pascal, Visual BASIC, C and C++ all done on the older Windows platforms. I did many kind of programs, from doing a basic text game, to learning the very beginnings of Object Oriented Programming and databases.

From there college came around as that summer I started at Prince George’s Community College doing all of my basic core classes and transferred to the University of Maryland, College Park. There at UM, I spent one or two semesters there continuing my Japanese, as well as advanced mathematics and programming. Eventually I moved into the arts and stuck with it, enjoy my time sculpting and drawing.

I graduated with a degree in Sculpture, with minors in Graphic Design, Drawing, and Digital Interactive medias. I also put some of my work in two shows, and a few smaller ones within in the building. One of my sculptures is still on display at the University of Maryland, in the art department.

In college, I also did some freelancing work for Richard Johnson at the Peaceheart Foundation. Thanks to him and giving me opportunities, I got into more advanced web development after being out of touch with it for so long as well as continuing doing art where I did many illustrations and finalized concept ideas for him.

From there I worked for the Office of Child Support Enforcement in Washington DC. There I did some web development, mostly focusing on Section 508 and possibly switching out content management systems. I also was given some graphic art responsibilities, working with the Native American division, in making some unique graphic pieces that was unique to each tribe. Also for that year I was given a task to make the annual report easier to read. Looking at past examples, it was hard to read, black and white, poor lay out and quiet plain. That year I redid the report as a colorful easy to read document that looked interesting to read. The department head came down and congratulated me for the work and effort, as she herself liked how colorful it had been turned into. Before leaving I was put in charge of notifying people on Section 508, what it was about and the kinds of things that they had to keep in mind as they would write documents.

Moving to Indiana I got into doing services work, working for an appliance store, then for Best Buy. Though that entire time I never got out of doing web programming, and now once again going full force into it by doing some freelance work.I freelancee for a friend of mine, Travis Philips at FearNot Studios, where we worked hard to bring you the quality of website that you like for a reasonable price.

I was recently been going to school at IU in Bloomington for a degree in Cognitive Science, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, while working as well. In my portfolio you can see a list of the most current things I have done, that are still in use to this day.