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Job Hunting

Introduction Hey everyone I know its been quiet some time since I’ve posted anything and I really do do apologize. For the last year I have been attending Indiana University under their Artificial Intelligence program. Sadly I do not know at the moment if I would be able to return to school with how strict … Continue reading

Anti-SOPA and Anti-PIPA

Some might know about tomorrow’s, Janurary 18th, anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA act, hopefully all of you who are reading this does as well. Ill be participating in this as well myself. The internet is going on a black out, many sites like Wikipedia and Reddit are participating in. What SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA/ … Continue reading

Awesome CSS3 Tools

For the longest times CSS2 has dominated and you can do a lot of nice edits but some of the more fancier things to be done with it was always a difficulty. Well that is really no longer the case, even though CSS3 is still in the works. The most up-to-date browsers currently support a … Continue reading

CSS 101

Alright everyone time for a bit of CSS. Now if you’re unsure as to what CSS is, it stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Meaning it will assign HTML tags certain styling properties, for example every time I use a <h1> tag I want it to have the color red. Basic structure Here is the basic … Continue reading

Open Source

What is it? What is open source considered to be nowadays? Many of heard of it, many not sure of what it is, many even discredit it because it is open source. The world of programming and open source has changed many years but lets start at the beginning of what does open source mean? … Continue reading