How Not to Go Insane, While You Are Going Insane! – Part 1


Alright your sitting at your desk, typing away, coding, doing what you do best and next thing you know, being called into the bosses office. You’re hoping for a promotion but standing there is your boss with a slightly sad face, feeling bad as he hands you a pink slip. First thing in your mind is, how can you get away with murder…well stop right there! Im going suggest some things in this multipart article to help out all of those who’s lost their job, and how to stay active and survive in this harsh world nowadays.

According to Google Public Data the current U.S Unemployment rate is 8.7% (as of May 2011), but according to reports I heard on the news it got worse. Now that doesnt seem to big…until you factor population size. The US Poplulation is 311,515,479, according to the US Census. Now with some simple math….311,515,479 * 8.7% turns out to be….27,101,847 million people! (yes if you do the math you’ll notice I rounded, cant have .68 of a person). Now mind you this numbers are taken according to those who are using traditional methods for finding or sending out resumes. There are those who are not looking, or those who just answer to jobs in the paper, so it can easily be more.

Remember Dont Panic!

Oks first off, dont feel bad that you lost your job. You saw the numbers that 27 million people lost their jobs, there are people who went to Ivy League schools, who end up working at the local video rental store. Trust me its ok, dont worry. The first thing people tend to do I think would be safe to say is panic and worry as to how they are going to survive, or they go out and get depressing doing something foolish in the end. Please dont do that, what did was the night I got fired, I went out and had a nice meal, something to cheer me up. Its alright if your upset or sadden, the thing to do is not get so sad that you start to get depressed, talk to someone about it. Trying to stay on a positive note on things is always a good thing to do, and keep in mind you will get a job for sure!

Put Down the Starbucks!

I’m sorry but you’re going to have to make a few sacrifices and break some habits now that you don’t have a normal source of income flowing. Take a look at your savings and money you have saved up. Figure out from your normal bills (utilities, rent, insurance, ect.) how long can you live on it alone before you get desperate? Hopefully you have money saved up for things like this and can last a while on it. Once you have that figured out, find out the areas that you can cut back on. Luxury items are a big thing that can be cut on, that includes eating out. Studies showed that people tend to eat out more and more for their meals, this includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Lets start off with breakfast…

Oks I like coffee just like most coders there, its our god, but it can be expensive as well. Think about it for a second, you go to the drive through to Starbucks and get say their Americano (I cant drink anything else of theirs) and it costs around $3.50? Oks more math time (there’s going to be a good bit of it). Lets say just that in a month about 20 working days you get coffee from Starbucks, well thats $3.50 * 20 which comes out to $70. Not going out to get coffee saves you about $70 a month, thats enough for if you shop right, almost a month of groceries.

Eating out for lunch is a common thing for many people of any trade really. Sometimes its hard to pack a lunch that will stay with you through the day if you dont work at a place that doesnt have a fridge or microwave for that matter. You want something cold, or even hot depending on the weather, but dont have the option for it. Well now that you dont have to be on the job, dont eat out! You got some time, relax make a meal or two, doesnt have to be complex, can be simple. We’ll go by some numbers for me, on what it cost me to eat out every day. I spent about average $7.75 lets say to eat out at a fast food place, I needed a big meal since my last job was pretty physically demanding. I worked lets say another 20 days, that comes up to $155, in just lunches alone. This isnt including the times where I was to tired to make something at home or anything like that. Thats a lot of money right there alone. Its a hard thing to do, you’re use to eating out but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt, just not nearly as much as you use to. You have to remember its time to budget and make the money you got last for along as you can.

So its time to go shopping, to get all that food you’ll need! Now a few things to look at is what are the things you like to eat? And how much of that would it cost? Allrecipies On A Budget Menu is a great system to look at when you want to try to plan out your meals. Take a look into their Quick and Easy section. Planning something out before you go shopping is a great thing to do, and of course always keeping an eye on as to when there are sale. I’m not going to talk about extreme couponing, but do take a look at coupons and sales, you got time use it!

On A Happy Note

Trying to stay cheerful is a key thing so that does mean going out and spending a lil something on yourself to keep yourself in a good mood. Going out to the movies or something to see a nice film isn’t going to kill you hopefully. If you have a laptop take it out to a coffee shop, have a lil coffee and look for jobs there. You can be surprised just by going out and about how much happier you can be. I myself try to get out to one of the local places here just to have a change of scenery, and I find myself kind of happy to get out.

Wrap Up

Well the next part will be talking about resumes and things you can do while you’re not working to get you a lil extra money going!