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Hey everyone I know its been quiet some time since I’ve posted anything and I really do do apologize. For the last year I have been attending Indiana University under their Artificial Intelligence program. Sadly I do not know at the moment if I would be able to return to school with how strict the loans are becoming, hopefully news of this arrives. There I met my current boss, Collin Allen, who’s a great professor, mentor and boss. I have done web development on different projects in between class time. Taking into worst case scenario I’ve decided to job hunt and here are my tips for job hunting!


I’ve found that the style of a resume has changed over the years from when I learned how to do it, from it evolving from a more simple bullet style to something more narrative. I’ve adjusted my own resume on this site, to reflect these new changes. Thing is to have a description of the things you’ve done at the job as well as the kinds of skills you’ve had to use there. This is I think a must to have especially for those in the technology field, as it seems like a lot of those hiring like to see what kind of tech you’ve used.

Also dont worry about the page length. I’ve had multiple jobs over the years and like to display the ones post college especially. As I think about it, all my jobs previously didnt do too much with my web development skills so I didnt put them in. Now I am older, if you’re looking at this and still in your college years, or just a lil after, put down what you can. If you lucked out and you got only one, I would write more details about it, as best as you can. Though it might be your only job, make it sound like its the best job anyone could ever have you know?

Phone Interviews

Congradulations you’ve got people to look at your resume and you’ve got people calling you! Oks first off, be pleasant! Tone will really offset these phone interviews, be pleasant and fun to talk to. You want to be memorable and only have honestly one shot. When you pick up the phone, if you have caller ID and/or a cell and dont know who’s calling, be polite, and announce whom they are calling. I always say “This is Indraneel Dey, how can I help you?” in a clear voice. It states that you’re being professional and of course letting them hear out your name knowing that they called the right place. Of course, thank them very much, and try to get some contact information from them, at least via email if anything.

Dressing Up

Always dress nice! Meaning get a suit, tie,dress shirt, slacks and shoes. I’ve over dressed for interviews, fully in a suit and tie, the interviews in jeans and a tshirt. They felt bad, but simply smile and make it seem like its not an issue to get so dressed up.

AgreeOrDie I found has some very good fashion tips when it comes to knots for ties. I’ve been able to do some of these, but they also have some that are more classy, others simple and elegant. Great resource if you’re not use to doing ties, want to do something interesting, or just for fun.

Face To Face

You’re at the interview, just breath. Its going to be alright, the world wont end just because you dont get the job. Go in with confidence, be kind, and have a smile. Answer their questions, and admit if you dont know something! I’ve found that admitting to not knowing something isnt a bad thing. I dont know anything at the moment regarding .NET, and I will state that, but I also mention my years of other programming languages was well as an eagerness to learn new things.

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