Aero Industries

Developed at Willow Marketing

Wrote custom post types, found plugins allowing for unique hover overs, and more. Spend a lot of time working on the front end, using a premade theme, and wrote a child theme to utilize a lot of the features, but also allowed to expand on it as well. Cowrote site with colleagues. Also used this site to do a proof of concept using GIT repository for tracking of development, and implementation from development server to live production.

Circle of Sisterhood Foundation

Developed site at Willow Marketing
Wrote series of custom post types for ease of use on the back end for the client. Partners page is a custom post type page where a series of posts were written, containing the university’s name, date, and location. The location was pulled in as map coordinates, the user would type the city and state, then using Google Map’s API found the coordinates, which was translated into MapBox points. Co-skinned site with colleague.


Support while working at Willow Marketing
Reskinned site to new colors also made site responsive, Database work to minor edits to parts, updating
Future Development: Plans to move to WordPress system in future


Support while working at Willow Marketing
Assisted in development of site using a LMS with add on plugins, helping to make things work together. Wrote custom WordPress business intelligence plugin helping owners analyze data.

FDS – Plugin writing while working at Willow Marketing
Wrote custom plugin for a committee/board management system, with an event and RSVP system allowing to invite people who are in positions, committees, or individuals themselves.


Digging By Debating

Digging by Debating is collaborative research project involving two teams at Indiana University in the USA and three teams in the UK, University of Dundee, University of East London and University of London.

The InPho Project DataBlog

Designer / Webmaster
Designed a WordPress Blog theme that matches their main project flawlessly

Diamond – Dey Wedding – Designer / Webmaster
A simple but effect website for my own sister’s wedding, a lot of people who would be seeing the site would be older, so made it as simple as possible for easy navigation.  Had many positive comments that there was no confusion on where to go

Philosophers Network Map

Developing an engine that will accept JSON data and map them out. Currently in Beta stages but uses D3JS and JQuery to display data points, interactive selections and mapping.
Future Plans: Hope to finish this project out in personal time



The W.I.L.L Center

Assisted in Development for Fear Not Studios
The W.I.L.L. Center is a nonprofit, community based, nonresidential organization that is run by and for people with disabilities.

Tick Tock Cosmetics

Assisted in Development for Fear Not Studios
Local to Terre Haute, Indiana, this small cosmetic company makes a big impact on the market by offering vegan based cosmetics that are tested on their friends, not animals. None of their products contain parabens, talc, or chromium dioxide green.

Grass Fire Group

Assisted in Development for Fear Not Studios

Wabash Valley Young Republicans

A concept site to aid them in attracting a younger crowd, while not getting it too complicated in the feel of it.